In the community of Mozambique we act in:

1 Reinsertion flats

1.1 Casa de la Misericordia is a flat that cares for men who have come out of prison and need a home to eat, sleep and grow on a personal level to be able to undertake this second opportunity.

2 Prisons

2.1 Cadeia Central of Maputo (2,500 men).

2.2 Cadeia de Machava, B.O (850 men).

2.3 Cadeia Civil of Maputo (300 men).

2.4 Cadeia of Ndlavela Women (120 women).

2.5 Cadeia de Xai-Xai (365 men and women).

3 Nutritional Centers

3.1 San Damasco Nutritional Center

3.2 Xai-Xai Orphanage Mercedarians serve more than 1000 families in an area where the level of infrastructure, schooling, access to health services and water are almost non-existent

4 Schools

4.1 Livramento School (Maputo). We make it possible for young people to study and then enter the university. Now is the time to give them tools so that in the future they have many more possibilities.

5 Others

5.1 Merces para todo. We help albino children for their formation, sensitization and prevention of skin cancer

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