In the community of Guatemala we act in:

1 Reinsertion floors

1.1 Centre “Santa María de Cervellón”. We support women, children who have suffered or are still in danger of falling into the hands of mafias that traffic with the most defenseless people. Trafficking is a social scourge that we want to eradicate.

1.2 COF Women’s Counseling Center (300 women).

1.3 We build homes for the most needy families in Antigua.

2 Prisons

2.1 Granja Modelo de Canada. Escuintla (3000 men).

2.2 High Security-Escuintla (350 men).

2.3 Granja Modelo de Pavón  (2,000 men).

2.4 Rehabilitation Center “Pavoncito” (1800 men).

2.5 Zone 18 (4536 men).

3. Nutritional Center

3.1 San Pedro Nolasco dining room. We feed 350 children a day in Guatemala City.

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