In the community of Panama we act in:

1 Reinsertion flats

1.1 Young people’s apartment where we support 16 teenagers.
1.2 Seniors’ apartment We take care of 40 elderly people who do not have family.

2- Prisons

2.1 Renacer Penitentiary Center (230 men).

2.2 La Joya Penitentiary Center (3404 men).

2.3 La Joyita Penitentiary Center (4600 men).

2.4 Nueva Joya Penitentiary Center (3000 men).

2.5 Tinajitas Detention Center (300 men).

2.6 CEFERE Women’s Rehabilitation Center (750 women)

2.7 Child Enforcement Center of Pacora (130 men)

2.8 Prevention program for young offenders as an alternative to jail

3 Education

3.1 San Pedro Nolasco School in Burunga. 280 children from 3 to 10 years old

3.2 Nutritional Center in San Pedro Nolasco. Evaluation and preparation of menus so that malnutrition disappears

3.3 COIF (Family Comprehensive Orientation Center) San Pedro Nolasco 30 children

3.4 Our Lady of the Mercè Institute Center 700 children from 3 to 16 years old.

3.5 COIF San Ramon Nonato 60 children.

4 Other

4.1 Ontological Clinic

4.2 Friends of Churches Committee old town

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